206 Glen Street

Recently under new ownership by real estate investor Brian Bronzino, 206 Glen’s leadership is cultivating a culture of collective prosperity and sustainability amongst the building’s occupants as well as in the greater Glens Falls region.

Situated in the heart of Glens Falls’ flourishing downtown, 206 Glen is nestled amongst a cadre of vibrant local businesses, restaurants, and prominent arts venues like the Charles R. Wood Theater, Park Theater, Hyde Collection, Chapman Historical Museum, World Awareness Children’s Museum, Lower Adirondack Regional Arts Council, NorthCountryARTS and others. Its prime location sees substantial foot traffic and an adjacent public parking lot lends itself to easy access for business patrons.

206 Glen is investing in Glens Falls’ future by promoting the success and growth of businesses that play an integral role in the city’s commercial landscape. It aims to contribute meaningfully to the economic and cultural development of Glens Falls while advancing environmentally-friendly business practices.