42 Degrees Functional Art Gallery

42 Degrees Functional Art Gallery

We carry all American made glass, including dab rigs, dry pipes, sherlocks, tubes, bubblers, dabbers, slides, hammers, sidecars, and peak attachments from glass artists such as Daveman, Blitzkriega, KGB, Karma, Danny Camp, Tammy Baller, Willow, Rob Semione and others. We feature more than 100 independent glass artists and also have a glassblowing booth available for rent, with on-site live demonstrations.

Our boutique offers CBD products, jewelry, T-shirts, posters, stash tins, grinders, vaporizers, rolling accessories, detox products and more. Come check out our new black light room! Upstairs we have an event space and host open mic nights, karaoke and concerts.

Phone Number
(518) 223-0403
Business Address
Suite 3